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Conversica created an Artificial Intelligence based sales assistant to help sales teams better qualify leads. They needed to take their brand logo, messaging and website to the next level. Since they were in the emerging technology space of artificial intelligence, they needed a creative partner to get them noticed and tell their story.

Brand Identity

We utilized our proven creative process to discover a new way to present Conversica to the world. The font was customized and rounded to represent the “human” side or their ai based sales assistant. The interlocking C’s represent the engaging conversation between AL (represented in blue) and real humans (represented in green). It also represents the continuous engagement aspect of Conversica’s solution.

“Why” Conversica video

Trade Show

It’s tough to stand out at a trade show, because you never seem to have the budget to compete with the big guys.

For DreamForce, Conversica needed to stand out. They bought a basic “turn key” booth that had limited space for branding. We thought about how their solution “cherry picks” the hot leads. So that became the concept. We produced a booth that looked like a cherry stand and re-enforced that Conversica sales assitant will find the cherry leads. This booth was so successful that it was noticed by the media providing show coverage. It was also noticed by DreamForce and was used in the sponsorship guide.

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